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Parent Resources on Christian Classical Education

Here are some recommended resources to help parents become better acquainted with a Christ-centered education in the classical tradition.

Video (3-min) || What Is Classical Christian Education?

Society for Classical Learning

Book (224 pages) || Wisdom and Eloquence: A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning

By Robert Littlejohn, Charles T. Evans

Available at Crossway. From Crossway: "To succeed in the world today, students need an education that equips them to recognize current trends, to be creative and flexible to respond to changing circumstances, to demonstrate sound judgment to work for society's good, and to gain the ability to communicate persuasively."

PDF Booklet (48 pages) || The Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents

by Dr. Christopher Perrin

Introductoin to Classical Education by Dr. Christopher Perrin
Download PDF • 1.48MB


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