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Admission Process

#1 Request an Interview

The first step is to request a family interview with our school leadership. We believe good education begins in the home and we are simply an extension of the education that you desire for your children.  Family interviews will be conducted by the Admissions Committee and at least one board member will be present. We would love to visit with you to see if Redeemer might be a good fit for your family and ensure that we can serve you well.

#2 Invitation to Apply

After your family interview, we will meet with the Admissions Team to determine whether we're able to serve your family well.  Accepted families will receive a formal application.

#3 Tuition Deposit

Upon acceptance of the application and payment of the tuition deposit, students will be enrolled at Redeemer Classical School.

Tuition and Fee Schedule
Uniform Policy

Redeemer Classical School is committed to the use of uniforms for its student. The basic purpose of school uniforms is to promote good, honest learning without distractions. Uniforms support the primacy of excellence in academics without compromising beauty.  Our Uniform Policy is founded on a desire to cultivate a professional culture that is neat, orderly, and honors God in our attire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grades do you serve?

A full primary program (K-6), as well as a secondary preparatory program (7th & 8th), will be offered year one. A full secondary program (high school) will be offered once there are sixteen students on our waiting list (or no later than 2026). A bridge program will be offered for 8th graders until the full secondary program is realized. 

What days and times do you meet?

A full academic day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Where is the school located?

We meet at All Saints Anglican Church located at 149 Ebenezer Road in Fayetteville, GA 30215.


Why a 3-day model?

When you distill education down to its core coursework, mathematics, science, and humanities, it affords excellent education with fewer days per week. We trust our families to offer enrichment while we focus on education that academically equips children through gospel-centric education. 

Do you accept students with special needs?

We are equipped to serve students that are unique in their learning needs, and our faculty have support in this area. We will use discussions with families and assessments to determine if we can serve your child's needs well.  

Why does our family need to belong to a church in order for our children to attend Redeemer Classical School?

The Bible establishes two institutions for the discipleship of children: the family and the church. As a school, we exist to partner with families and churches in the education of students, so we want to help foster healthy family life and local church engagement for all of our students.

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